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Financial Resources

Reliable Credit has been in the business of helping people with financial needs for over 60 years. We've learned a few things in that time and are happy to share the following resources to help you better navigate your financial life successfully.

Financial Literacy

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One source consumers can use to obtain more information about financial services like vehicle financing, credit cards, and consumer protection is to visit the American Financial Services Association Education Foundation (AFSAEF) at www.afsaef.org.

Credit Reports

A credit report is a record of a consumer’s credit history, and it includes among other information, data about whether consumers pay their bills on time and how much they owe to creditors. Some creditors use this information to set the terms of the credit they extend so generally consumers that have better credit histories may be offered better credit terms.

Consumers have the right to dispute any inaccurate information contained in their credit report by initiating a dispute directly with the credit reporting agencies, the creditor, or both. You can visit www.equifax.com , www.experian.com , and www.transunion.com for more information.

Under federal law, consumers have the right to obtain a copy of their credit report without charge under certain circumstances.