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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you still have questions that are not answered below, please contact us for additional information.

What are your business hours?

Our branch locations are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Our Insurance Services Department is available Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Do you provide preapprovals?

While we do not issue binding loan approvals, you may call and speak with a credit officer who can discuss and review your financial situation and give you some guidance on what we may or may not approve. You can learn more about this in our News article.

What is eServices?

eServices offers secure access to manage your account via our web portal and mobile application. The following convenient and secure self-service functionality is available.

  • View your account balance and payment history
  • Schedule one-time and monthly automatic recurring payments
  • Send and receive secure messages with a live agent
  • Update your address, mobile number, and email address

How do I register for eServices?

Click here, then follow the simple steps. You will need your account number, date of birth and zip code to link your account.

How do I reset my eServices password?

If you need to reset your password, click on “Sign In”, then click on “Forgot Your Password?”.  You will be prompted to enter your email address or mobile phone number and a link will be sent to you to reset your password. If you have any trouble with this process, please contact the branch that services your account for further assistance.

Why is my new account not showing up in eServices?

It is necessary to link your Reliable Credit account to your eServices profile. If you have multiple Reliable Credit accounts, each account will need to be linked individually.

Will I receive a monthly statement or payment coupons?

Monthly statements and/or payment coupons can be mailed to you upon request. Please contact the branch location that services your account.

How do I make payments?

Online – ACH and debit card payments can be scheduled via eServices online or with the mobile application. You can authorize one-time same day or future dated payments, and monthly automatic recurring payments. Monthly automatic recurring payments are available by ACH only.
Telephone – You can schedule one-time ACH and debit card payments with a live or virtual agent by calling the branch location that services your account.
Mail – Checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks can be mailed to the branch location that services your account. Please write your account number on the check, money order, or cashier’s check.
Branch Office – Checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks are accepted in all branch locations. We do not accept cash.

I am paying with a prepaid debit card that I know has sufficient funds but the payment is being declined. Why?

Some prepaid debit cards require that you register your card, in addition to activating it, before you can use all of its features. While activating your card generally requires you to call or go online to provide the card number before using it, registering the card may require you to give certain personal information to identify who you are to the prepaid card provider. Please check with your prepaid card provider for its registration requirements.

Why do you not allow me to make automatic recurring payments with my debit card?

The additional costs we incur in processing debit card payments are material. While we accept one-time payments via debit card as a convenience to our customers, we prefer automatic recurring payments via ACH. ACH transactions debit your bank account in a manner similar to non-prepaid debit cards. You can schedule automatic recurring payments via eServices online or with the mobile application, or we can mail you an Authorization Agreement for Automatic ACH Payments upon your request.

Why do you not accept credit cards?

The additional costs we incur in processing credit card payments are material. We do accept many other payment methods.

Can I change or cancel a previously authorized ACH or debit card payment?

Scheduling a one-time future dated payment or a monthly automatic recurring payment will create a tile or tiles on the Schedule tab in eServices.  From a tile, you can delete a scheduled payment before it processes. When possible, scheduled ACH payments are processed up to one (1) business day prior to the payment date. Scheduled debit card payments are processed on the payment date. Once a scheduled payment is processed, it cannot be deleted. If you are unable to delete a tile in eServices, please contact the branch that services your account for assistance or information.

How do you apply my monthly payments?

We apply each payment you make first to any assessed fees, then to interest or finance charge, and then to your principal balance.

How does finance charge or interest accrue?

Interest (if a loan) or finance charge (if a contract) accrues daily on your unpaid principal balance at your interest rate (if a loan) or Annual Percentage Rate (if a contract). In order to calculate how much interest accrues each day, divide your interest rate or APR (as applicable) by 365 (or 366 in a leap year), and then multiply this amount by the unpaid principal balance.

For example, if your unpaid principal balance is $6,000 with a simple interest rate of 29.99%, the calculation is 29.99% (.2999) / 365 = .0008216 x $6,000 = $4.9296 interest per day.

If I pay a monthly payment late, pay less than my monthly payment, or you agree to extend my account, how will that affect my interest or finance charge costs?

Since interest or finance charge accrues on your principal balance on a daily basis, any delay in repaying your principal balance will result in additional interest or finance charge accruing over the life of your account. The sooner you pay down your principal balance, the less interest will accrue. You can save interest by paying before your payment due date, paying more than your monthly payment amount, or doing both. On the other hand, you will incur additional interest by paying after the payment due date each month, paying less than the monthly payment amount, or doing both.

Does my contract or loan allow for a grace period?

No. Payments are due on or before your due date, meaning that if a payment is late or not made, your account is in default. However, we do not immediately assess a late charge. Please see your contract or loan documents to review your late charge provision. Please also remember that paying late delays repayment of your principal balance resulting in additional finance charge or interest costs accruing over the life of your account.

Can I skip or defer a payment?

Maybe. Often, we work out mutually satisfactory payment plans with customers that are facing a nonrecurring financial problem, but please remember that you will accrue additional interest if you do not pay down your principal balance as scheduled. Please contact the branch that services your account for more information.

Can I change my due date?

Typically, we will allow a customer to change their due date once during the term of their contract or loan, if we decide the change will truly help the customer make future payments on time. Please contact the branch location servicing your account to discuss your request.

What should I do if my monthly payment is going to be late?

Reliable Credit understands that our customers may face temporary financial problems over the course of their account.  We want to help give our customers as many options as possible to assist them through their temporary financial difficulties.  The best thing to do is to contact your branch location to discuss your situation with a customer service representative.  The sooner you contact us, the more options we may have to offer. You can read more about why here.

Why do you discourage comprehensive and collision insurance deductibles in excess of $1,000?

In the unfortunate event that you need to file an insurance claim on your vehicle that serves as collateral under your account, your claim payment will likely be greater with a $1,000 deductible than with a larger deductible, therefore providing more benefit to you and more security to us.

How do I provide you proof of my comprehensive and collision insurance coverage?

You can submit proof of coverage via mail, fax, email, or website to:

Allied Solutions, LLC
PO Box 58786
Tukwila, WA 98138

Fax: 800-709-4818
Email: [email protected]

I totaled my vehicle (or it was stolen) and I purchased GAP. Will GAP payoff my account?

Maybe.  Often, the amount paid by the GAP will materially reduce the amount you owe, but it won’t actually pay off the entire outstanding balance on your account due to exclusions of coverage, such as interest accrued after the date of loss, any late charges, certain past due payments, and any loan to value limitation.  Please refer to your GAP policy for specific details on the applicable exclusions and how the GAP amount is calculated.  If you provide us with copies of your primary insurance claim settlement (including your deductible information), and any police report from the accident or theft, we’re happy to file a GAP claim on your behalf. Some GAP administrators may require additional documentation to process a claim.

Can I add a third party to my account?

Maybe.  Please contact the branch office that services your account to request the addition and explain the reasoning.

Can I remove myself, a co-borrower, or a co-signor (as applicable) from my account?

Maybe.  Please contact the branch office that services your account to request the addition and explain the reasoning.

How do I obtain a payoff amount on my contract or loan?

Please contact the branch location servicing your account.

After I pay off my account, when will you mail me my title?

The timing depends on the payment method of the payoff. We will give (if you pay in person) or mail you the title immediately if the account is paid off with a cashier’s check. If another payment method is used, the title will be mailed to you within 10 to 15 days depending on the state where the vehicle was titled.

Why is my unpaid principal balance different from my payoff amount?

The unpaid principal balance available through eServices or on your monthly statement is not your payoff amount because your unpaid principal balance does not include accrued finance charges or interest, accrued late charges or other fees (if applicable), and any applicable refunds of insurance premiums.

What is the Prior Short or Over Amount?

It is the difference between the amounts that have been paid and the amounts that are due. For example, if you are due for $315 and you only pay $300, then you are $15 short. Conversely, if you are due for $315 and you pay $325, then you are $10 over.

Why does my payment amount due differ from my monthly payment amount (if applicable)?

Your payment amount due includes any regular monthly payment(s) due, any unpaid late charges and any prior short or over amount. Provided your account is not in default, the minimum amount necessary to advance your payment due date is the lesser of your payment amount due or regular monthly payment(s) due. However, please remember you will generally accrue less interest or finance charge in the future if you pay the greater of the two amounts. If your account is in default, we may require the greater of the two amounts or a different amount.

Do you charge a penalty for prepayment?


Do you report to the credit reporting agencies?

Yes. We report to all three national credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. We report on a monthly basis at the end of the month in the standard format required by the credit reporting agencies.

I think my account is reporting inaccurately to one or more of the credit reporting agencies. What do I do?

You may dispute any inaccurate information contained in your credit report by initiating a dispute with the consumer reporting agencies, a direct dispute with us, or both. To initiate a dispute with the consumer reporting agencies you can visit,, or for more information. To initiate a dispute directly with us, you must provide us sufficient information to identify your account, the specific information you are disputing and supporting documentation, such as a copy of the relevant portion of the credit report containing the information you are disputing, a police report (if applicable), or a fraud or identity theft affidavit (if applicable).

I have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (“ITIN”) and my account is not showing on my consumer report. Why not?

Consumer reports contain several identifiers that help to associate data furnished by multiple creditors to a single consumer.  When we furnish data to the credit reporting agencies (“CRAs”) we must include certain identifiers like full name, date of birth, and Social Security Number (“SSN”).  However, the credit reporting guidance published by the CRAs is clear that the CRAs will not accept an ITIN in the field designated specifically for the SSN as an ITIN and an SSN are not interchangeable.  Without the ITIN as the additional identifier, the CRAs only have the consumer’s name and date of birth and credit reporting may be difficult to associate to a specific consumer based on those two variables alone.

We cannot guarantee that accounts with ITINs will be reported by the CRAs even though we furnish the credit data to the CRAs. It is a very unfortunate disconnect between credit reporting and industry-wide practices.

Who do I contact if I think I may be a victim of identity theft?

If you think that an account may have been opened fraudulently, please contact us at (888) 462-3003. Other actions for identity theft victims can be found online at

What types of insurances do you offer?

We offer vehicle, property, business, and other insurance products to all qualified customers. We also make available optional ancillary products to our loan customers.  These products are not available to California consumers. For more information, click here.

What types of insurance discounts do you offer?

Depending on the type of policy you are looking for, we can provide quotes with several types of discounts including multi-car, multi-driver, multi-policy, new car, paperless, good student, and many others.

Why should I request a insurance quote from your Insurance Services Department?

When you request a quote from our Insurance Services Department, we contact several A rated carriers on your behalf to try to get you the right coverage at the right price. Furthermore, when you speak with our agents by telephone they may find that you qualify for additional discounts which could save you even more.

If I currently have an insurance policy with another company but want to switch to you, can I?

Yes. You can cancel your current policy and may be entitled to a prorated refund of your premium. However, make sure your new insurance policy with us is in effect before cancelling to avoid any lapse in coverage.

How do I file an insurance claim?

Contact the claims department of your insurance carrier as soon as possible. If you need additional assistance with a claim on a policy you purchased from our Insurance Services Department, you can also contact our customer care team via chat  or telephone at 833-331-0017 during regular business hours. If you need additional assistance with a claim on an optional ancillary product you purchased at loan consummation, you can also contact your branch location.