Photo of Irwin Holzman, founder of Reliable Credit Association

About Us

Reliable Credit Association, Inc. is an independently owned and operated consumer finance company. We were incorporated in 1958 under the laws of the state of Oregon when a retired U.S. Army Captain founded the company with the support of his father, mother, and wife. In 1994, the shareholders of Reliable Credit Association, Inc. organized Reliable Credit Association, Inc. (WA) under the laws of the state of Washington. In 2023, Reliable Credit Association, Inc. and Reliable Credit Association, Inc. (WA) merged leaving Reliable Credit Association, Inc. as the surviving entity.

Although we have a 65 year history of financial success, we never sacrifice our integrity for profit.  We seek to continually improve our performance in providing credit to qualified consumers. Vital to our pursuit of continual self-improvement and long-term success, we focus on flexibility and creativity in order to adapt to an ever changing business environment. Our attitude is that “bad times” are for other companies, not Reliable Credit.

We currently have eleven branch locations. We offer consumer loans to qualified Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and Utah residents and purchase retail installment contracts from approved dealers located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, California, Utah, and Nevada.

We have been fortunate to build a team of talented, hardworking, and motivated employees that operate with a sense of urgency. We always focus on our applicants’ ability to pay and we try to appropriately price for our credit risk. We cultivate long term relationships with our customers and dealers by treating them in a manner consistent with how we ourselves wish to be treated. 

Many customers appreciate that we extend credit to them when others might not. After establishing a good credit history with us, many of our customers go on to qualify for lower interest rate loans. We are pleased to be able to serve our customers when they need us the most and are happy to be part of the process that allows many of them to eventually qualify for less expensive credit.

We are proud to be associated with the following trade associations: American Financial Services Association, Oregon Financial Services Association, Washington State Financial Services Association, Idaho Financial Services Association, Arizona Association of Financial Services, Utah Association of Financial Services, and California Financial Services Association. We are pleased to be long time accredited members of the Better Business Bureau and National Federation of Independent Business.