Supporting Our Local Veterans

November 4, 2020

Support for our local communities includes supporting those who have given their lives for our country. Reliable Credit Association has been a long-time supporter of our soldiers. When we learned about our local American Legion’s work in establishing the Corporal Diffie Veterans Fund, we were proud to contribute.

The Corporal Diffie Veterans Fund was established in 2019 through a partnership between the Milwaukie Police Department ‘s Veteran Resource Team and the Milwaukie American Legion Post 180. Too often veterans fall into a gap where they qualify for services through the US Department of Veterans Affairs, but they cannot get help right away. The sole purpose of the Corporal Diffie Veterans Fund is to provide basic, temporary assistance to veterans facing dire circumstances until formal veteran resources can be obtained through Veterans Affairs and other veterans’ organizations.  

To learn more or contribute to the Corporal Diffie Veterans Fund, please go here.