Wildfire Support Update

October 29, 2020

Support for our local communities has never been more needed than during the recent fire season in Oregon.  We donated to four well known groups to help support our communities. 

  • Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund – More than 400 households have been supported with supplies such as food, clothing, toiletries, fuel cards, as well as assisting families and individuals with short-term housing and other immediate needs.
  • United Way Fire Fund of Jackson County – Providing a mid to long term relief fund, the focus is on recovery and rebuilding the communities after the fires are out.
  • United Way Wildfire Response Fund of Lane County – Supporting unmet needs of individuals and families most impacted by the Holiday Farm Fire, as well as community recovery and rebuilding efforts.
  • American Red Cross – Western Wildfires – Providing financial assistance for California, Washington and Oregon households whose primary residence was destroyed or sustained major damage from the recent wildfires.

The American Red Cross recently let us know how they used the donations that they were provided. The goal of the American Red Cross case workers is to help everyone get back on their feet and back home or in some other housing situation when necessary. We are grateful to be able to help assist those on the front lines continuing to help those in need.